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About Us

First Press Coffee was born through years of barefoot travel searching for a life of freedom, inner wellness and the perfect coffee. Our love of coffee took us on many adventures, which when combined with our interest in wellness, led us to explore unique coffee brewing methods that led to new tastes, effects and experiences.

Through our research we stumbled across a unique coffee brewing method that used gravity, cold water and an elaborate drip system to produce a coffee that delivered inspiration, productivity and energy with every drop.

With a sweeter taste, reduced acidity and a dynamic range of flavours resulting from the long extraction, we knew we'd found our caffeinated holy grail. Best of all, it required no milk, no sugar or additive of any kind to taste great. It was coffee in it’s purest form.

With a desire to share our coffee discoveries with the world, First Press Coffee was born. The rest, as they say, is history!

The First Press Coffee Team

Jimmy Elias First Press CoffeeJames Elias

Sales and Marketing

Hamish Walmsley First Press CoffeeHamish Walmsley