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Why Cold Drip?

Taste the difference

With a cold extraction over a ten hour period, we’re able to bring out the more subtle flavour characteristics of our single origin coffee beans. The result is a strong, dynamic coffee with a smooth finish you won’t find coming out of an espresso machine. Each single origin has a unique flavour profile that comes to life with every sip.

The healthier alternative

Extracting our coffee cold also allows us to eliminate most of the bitter oils that are typically found in heat extracted coffee, making First Press easier on both the palate and digestive system. First Press also contains no sugar or preservatives, ensuring a clean, pure and natural buzz with less harmful acids than regular coffee.

Caffeine without the crash

While regular coffee can often leave you feeling jittery and prone to an energy crash, First Press Coffee’s caffeine hit is a completely different experience to what you might be used to. First Press Coffee gives you the best of both worlds, the benefits of caffeine on your mental alertness and physical performance without the shakes and crashes most typically get from hot coffee due to our cold extraction process.

When you need it most

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or need to spread the First Press Coffee love, we’ve got you covered. With our single shot 50ml ‘Little Kickers’ for quick and easy, on-the-go coffee fix and our 500ml ten shot share bottle to keep in the fridge for when you need a caffeine hit, you can say goodbye to your barista, percolator and french press for good.