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First Press Coffee

Single origin cold drip coffee brewed and bottled to perfection. Born and dripped in Melbourne, Australia.

Why Cold Drip?

Learn why First Press Coffee's cold drip experience differs from other brewing styles.

First Press News

Bio-hacking with First Press

 So we all know that coffee can get us in the mood… (no, not that mood). The mood for productivity, getting things done and achieving goals. Rather than view coffee as something to help you get out of bed in the morning, we would rather redefine it as an accelerant...

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The many uses of cold brew

Over the many years, we have had many chances to enjoy First Press. From it’s humble beginnings in the June 2013 we used to enjoy the very first batches before a run or gym session in the morning. This then grew to keeping us fuelled during white board sessions and...

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New website

Introducing our new website. It’s been a while in the making, but we have been busy with a few different projects (which we will tell you about soon). Have a look around and make yourselves at home. Things that are worth noting are some changes to our shop which will...

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