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First Press Coffee

Single origin cold drip coffee brewed and bottled to perfection. Born and dripped in Melbourne, Australia.

Why Cold Drip?

Learn why First Press Coffee's cold drip experience differs from other brewing styles.

First Press News

Meet our amazing roasters, Rumble

There are many hands and minds that contribute to the coffee in your bottle of First Press. This post is a shout out to one of those very important contributors to the process: our roaster.   Rumble coffee roasters began roasting in 2014 and are the creation of Matt, Joe...

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The origins of our coffee

 One thing that I learned very early in the journey of First Press was how the quality of the bean impacts many aspects of the coffee experience. Firstly, you simply cannot get away with using a low quality coffee when serving a cold drip coffee. The taste comes through...

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Subscriptions are LIVE!

This one is for those who take cold drip very seriously. Sometimes the plate is too full to remember to order your First Press. Why not solve this little conundrum by having your cold brew delivered to your door on subscription? You can choose to have coffee delivered fortnightly, monthly...

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